Super League Gaming Debuts Pixel Paradise, The VERY FIRST Minecraft Server in Bedrock Designed With Inclusion in Mind

Super League is shell-abrating life and creativity with a new tropical-themed experience

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Super League Gaming (Nasdaq: SLGG), a global leader in video gaming and esports experiences and entertainment for everyday players of all ages, announced today the launch of Pixel Paradise, the world’s very first Minecraft Bedrock Server designed from the ground up to prioritize roleplaying while bringing your imagination to life with your friends.

In Pixel Paradise, players take a vacation from player vs player competition and are whisked away to an island where creativity and resourcefulness are the most critical skills. Through multiple storylines that will be updated regularly, roleplay will be the primary gameplay mode, with various characters being available to every player. Adventures will begin with players roleplaying on their very own base island and then progressing through challenges experienced in signature locations such as the Grand Paradise Hotel, Secret Beach, the Pixel Aquarium and many more. Completing tasks will require players to learn how to manage their currency, optimize their resources, and pursue helpful communications with their existing and new friends.

For players seeking a little more action, Pixel Paradise offers mini-games based on popular Minecraft game modes such as Spleef, a hyper-fast last-person-standing puzzle in which players have to jump across a platform while blocks under their feet disappear in an unpredictable pattern. Whether they are gathering resources, succeeding through challenges, or flexing their creative muscles, Pixel Paradise players will enjoy this brand new environment set within one of the biggest games in the world!

“Being in the Minecraft development and server space for nearly 10 years, I really wanted gamers to have a space where they can express themselves in a virtual and safe experience using Minecraft as an outlet. Partnering with Microsoft and Minecraft to create this experience was not only an amazing first step, but the perfect opportunity to bring this vision to life. This server will provide continuous updates and expand on current trends to make sure it is always fresh and ready for every new player!” said Niraj Morar, GM InPvP.

“Pixel Paradise is a thoughtful departure from typical game experiences on the Minecraft Bedrock server ecosystem,” said Mike Wann, Chief Strategy Officer of Super League Gaming. “By bringing storytelling and roleplaying into the mix, we have created a first to market experience that delights girl gamers and boy gamers alike. Players can create and share engaging content, roleplay with friends in places like Starducks Coffee Cafe, and collaborate to gather resources in a way that is both entertaining and educational. We believe this server is the first step toward bridging the gender gap in the Minecraft server world.”

Pixel Paradise is the newest release by InPvP, an official Microsoft Minecraft partner enjoyed by more than 22 million players annually. To play, simply open the Minecraft Game Server tab on any iOS, Android, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, Amazon Fire device, and click on Pixel Paradise.

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