Endless Adventure. Endless Discovery. Endless Fun. Super League’s Minehut Launches Endless Play

New initiative highlights millions of gameplay experiences created by the Minecraft community, all accessible within one of the largest centralized platforms for Minecraft players in the world

SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Super League Gaming (Nasdaq: SLGG), a global leader in metaverse gaming and the young gamer creator economy, announced today the Endless Play program to celebrate and highlight millions of player-generated Minecraft experience within Minehut, Super League’s thriving Minecraft community. Minehut is one of the largest Minecraft community platforms in the world, boasting nearly eight million user-generated servers and the widest selection of Minecraft gameplay anywhere in the Java ecosystem. Minehut has supported a whopping 185 million hours of gameplay to date!

With Endless Play, Minecraft noobs and experts alike can explore millions of games and experiences in their favorite gameplay categories, all hosted on Super League’s Minehut. A new section of Minehut.com and the Minehut Lobby - the entryway to this exciting, multi-faceted universe of play - have been revamped to enable players to experience Minecraft in exactly the way they most enjoy, and to connect with other members of the community whose passion and love of the game matches their own.

The launch of Endless Play represents the latest commitment by Super League to expand the reach of its owned and operated metaverse gaming portfolio. With Minehut, the company boasts the largest Minecraft Java Edition server community host in North America. Super League also owns two of the seven official Minecraft Bedrock edition servers, Mineville and Pixel Paradise, which reach more than three million monthly active players per month through Xbox, Playstation, and mobile devices. With metaverse gaming platforms now representing an extraordinary area of growth in the video game industry, Super League continues to demonstrate its unique ability to support motivated and talented gaming creators, whose creations inspire and entertain avid player communities.

“Minehut has grown more than 7000% since becoming part of the Super League ecosystem,” says Matt Edelman, Chief Commercial Officer of Super League Gaming. “It is clear that we live, breathe, appreciate, and, most importantly, understand the awesomeness of the metaverse every single day. We will continue to empower metaverse gaming creators through our tools and expertise so that players around the world can experience whatever their imagination conjures.”

The newly revamped lobby and Endless Play sections of Minehut.com will feature:

  • Non-playable characters (NPCs) that guide players to new and popular gameplay servers within the Game Lobby
  • An updated Game Lobby chat box to improve peer-to-peer discovery of new servers
  • New filtering capabilities tailored to player preferences
  • Category and popularity-based listings according to Minecraft gameplay genres
  • Detailed server pages that enable players to learn about each available gameplay experience

Launching today, Endless Play will be exactly that - endless. In addition to the above, new features, special events and servers will be announced on a regular basis, ensuring that Minehut remains an enduring destination for a massive segment of the Minecraft Java Edition player base.

To dive into the endless adventure, possibilities, and fun, go to Minehut.com.

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