The Power of Super League Brings Record-Breaking Scale Engagement in December

Super League is the Rocketship to the metaverse for dozens of marquee brands hungry to target avid young gamers, leading the way to the future of immersive entertainment

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Super League (Nasdaq: SLGG), a global leader in building immersive entertainment experiences across multiple social gaming platforms, drove record audience engagement through the end of Q4 2022. This unparalleled audience growth propels the company into 2023, helping Super League to continue to ride a wave of significant expansion, innovative experiential solutions and increased revenue.

Powered by Super Biz, the company’s leading proprietary measurement and monetization software suite for metaverse game and experience builders, December brought never-before-seen success and engagement. Having now been embraced by hundreds of creators of game worlds, with particular enthusiasm among Roblox developers, Super League has achieved vast digital scale across an integrated footprint, including:

  • 112 million monthly active users, beating a previous high of 97 million, just in November of 2022
  • On the busiest day of the month, 17 million daily active users.
  • 16 THOUSAND YEARS of total playtime, and 794 years on the busiest day
  • 940 million total visits, with 44 million on the busiest day

By partnering with Super League, brands and developers alike have access to the company’s suite of business-acceleration tools and media products, giving each an advantage in this brave new digital world including:

  • Increased revenue generation for both the game builders and the brands seeking new sources of digital revenue as well as conversion to physical purchasing
  • Robust analytics that provide in-depth insights about player behavior and in-game monetization to spur faster growth
  • Bespoke tools that make it easier for developers to integrate brands into their gameplay
  • In-game shoppable catalog to offer popular player avatars items for purchase and drive digital merchandise monetization
  • Backend management tools to accelerate game development and provide superior customer service to their player base

An experienced leader in immersive digital platform technology, Super League is pioneering at the forefront of this valuable and constantly evolving social channel. Attracting the world’s leading brands, Super League is the most powerful connection to the audiences they crave through the power and scale of these influential social gaming worlds.

“This is where the internet and digital connections between brands and consumers are heading - in fact, it has already arrived,” said Ann Hand, CEO and Chair of Super League. “It’s a transformational shift from simply having a website and social media accounts to the future of how brands will engage. We are in pole-position with the meta-innovation engine to transform their relationship with new and future consumers in a way that is very personalized, modern and sticky – and how Generations Z and Alpha wish to engage.”

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Super League (Nasdaq: SLGG) is the rocketship to the metaverse. A global leader in creating innovative & immersive entertainment experiences, platform & audience monetization and dynamic content feeding channels across the world’s top gaming platforms. Fueled by an insatiable desire to stay on the forefront of this ever-evolving meta landscape, Super League pioneers’ proprietary digital solutions that provide unparalleled access to the highly-coveted global gaming audience. Super League also creates vibrant in-game communities through the development of innovative experiences and custom content, delivering powerful opportunities for brands and advertisers to achieve impactful insights and marketing outcomes with audiences of all ages. For more, go to

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