EXPLORE. ADVENTURE. CONQUER.: Super League Brings Clarks Into Roblox, Inspiring Audiences To Take On Extraordinary Challenges in a Spectacular New Digital Realm

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Super League (Nasdaq: SLGG), a global leader in providing immersive experiences across the world's largest metaverse gaming platforms, takes another leap into the gaming metaverse, this time with Clarks, the legendary innovative shoemaker, with the launch of the exhilarating PLAYPRINTS World on Roblox. This exciting partnership began with Melon, acquired in May 2023 by Super League. Together with Clarks, the two companies have created a suite of immersive influencer activities alongside an engaging YouTube channel spotlighting the thrilling adventures of the PLAYPRINTS squad.

Guided by super-powered PLAYPRINTS sneakers and PLAYPRINTS heroes, players are tasked with exploring fantastical worlds as they navigate this immersive digital experience. They can also explore Clarks' Crystal Cave virtual store which is overflowing with accessories, and offers the ultimate destination to snag coveted virtual footwear, morph avatars, and amp up their gaming prowess – all while encouraging audiences to make their very own style statements.

Clarks’ PLAYPRINTS shoes feature distinct soles representing four fun PLAYPRINTS characters, which allow kids to express their creativity offline too. Inside the themed vehicle, visitors will find themselves immersed in the PLAYPRINTS universe – presented with opportunities to engage in friendly competition and test their skills in PLAYPRINTS World on Roblox.

“We are thrilled to be working with Clarks, a world renowned innovator in shoemaking, as they expand their footprint in the metaverse, building upon the foundation begun with Melon,” said Matt Edelman, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Super League. “This program is a terrific example of providing consumers with an end-to-end experience bridging the digital and physical worlds. Together with Clarks, we are demonstrating in real-time that it is possible to drive foot traffic simultaneously on the high street and within a dynamic immersive digital experience. We are seeing an energizing pace of growth in this area at Super League, and excited to have such a strong partner helping us lead the way.”

When it comes to PLAYPRINTS World on Roblox, creativity is the only limit. Players can dive right into and through Sandy Flats, plunge into Shimmer Lagoon, sprinkle magic in Magic Falls and unearth ancient jungles in the Forgotten Forest. They will discover unique PLAYPRINTS Powers, ranging from Super Speed and Underwater Access to Shrinkability and Mega Strength, unlocking secret areas along the way until they face the game's climax: The Boss Battle with Queen Lena. The mission? Vanquish the wicked queen, retrieve the magic key, and restore balance to the PLAYPRINTS kingdom.

Guiding gamers to victory are four outstanding PLAYPRINTS characters:

  • Clowder: the slick feline
    • With his super cool charm and nimble agility, Clowder is a true PLAYPRINTS kingdom celebrity! Clowder loves to show off his speed on Sandy Flats, helping gamers blaze through PLAYPRINTS levels!
  • Esme: enchanting sea guardian
    • The dynamic defender of Shimmer Lagoon, the mystical sea alicorn Esme, uses her aquatic superpowers to help gamers explore the water-bound PLAYPRINTS kingdom. And when she joins her fellow PLAYPRINTS heroes on land? Her flippers morph into wings!
  • Maple: petite but fierce sprite
    • Rescuing the day in Magic Falls, tiny but brave Maple is a valiant fairy trickster with a heart of gold. Always ready to assist, Maple turns fairy dust into lasso and shrinks PLAYPRINTS gamers to navigate narrow spaces!
  • Rex: powerful dino dynamo
    • Small arms, giant spirit! Beatboxing pro and skateboarding champ Rex is the vivacious force of the jungle! As the oldest, strongest inhabitant of the PLAYPRINTS kingdom, Rex is ready to lend his mighty strength to conquer obstacles.

With a series of exciting updates on the horizon, along with exclusive product collections and in-game appearances planned for 2023, there's much to anticipate.

To play, check out PLAYPRINTS World on Roblox

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Clarks, based in Somerset, England, has been at the forefront of innovative shoemaking since its foundation in 1825, when brothers James and Cyrus Clark made a slipper from sheepskin off-cuts. At the time it was ground-breaking: a combination of invention and craftsmanship that has remained at the heart of what the brand does now. In the Clarks archive of more than 22,000 pairs are shoes that have sparked revolutions and defined generations. From the original Clarks Desert Boot, first designed by Nathan Clark and launched in 1950, to the iconic Wallabee, each design has an instantly recognisable signature that make it unmistakably Clarks. Clarks is a global business operating retail, wholesale, franchise, and online channels in over 100 markets.

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