Super League Earns Dual Digiday Award Nominations for Transformative Metaverse Experiences

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Super League (Nasdaq: SLE), a leading publisher of immersive experiences across the world’s largest metaverse gaming platforms, is thrilled to announce they have garnered not one, but two prestigious 2023 Digiday Awards nominations in the Best Metaverse Gaming Activation category. These nominations underscore Super League’s dedication to crafting immersive experiences that redefine virtual engagement with brands, showcasing the seamless blend of technology, entertainment, and creativity at its best.

The first nomination celebrates the monumental success of the MTV VMA Roblox Experience, a collaborative effort with MTV that bridged the divide between music, entertainment, and immersive gameplay. Here, fans stepped into a world where music, entertainment, and immersive gameplay converged. This experience took fans on an unforgettable journey through the metaverse. Breaking new ground in the world of virtual experiences, this iconic collaboration brings the magic of the VMAs to life like never before. From the moment visitors entered the experience, they were surrounded by the glitz, glamour, paparazzi, and anticipation that defines the VMAs. In an industry-first, visitors had the exclusive opportunity to vote within the experience for the winner of the inaugural Best Metaverse Performance award. This groundbreaking initiative transformed the way audiences engage with award shows, pushing the limits of what is possible in the metaverse. Together Super League and MTV created an immersive, interactive experience that transcended traditional Roblox games, bringing the VMAs to life in an unprecedented way.

The second nomination is for the captivating world of Eye-Con by Urban Decay, Super League’s collaboration with Urban Decay and ULTA Beauty. This immersive experience empowered players to unapologetically express themselves, connect with like-minded makeup lovers, and celebrate the transformative power of beauty, virtually and IRL. Eye-Con took place within the Ultaverse™, Ulta Beauty's innovative world inside Roblox. This experience championed individuality and creativity, encouraging players to bridge the gap between virtual and real-life beauty expressions. The Eye-Con event has turned heads, creating a buzz in the beauty industry and redefining standards within the digital domain.

“In a world where technology meets creativity, Super League strives to be at the epicenter of innovation,” said Ann Hand, Chair and CEO of Super League. “These nominations are a ringing endorsement of the relentless passion, creativity, and expertise that our team has poured into these transformative experiences. As we stand at the forefront of the burgeoning metaverse, these collaborations with valued partners like MTV, Urban Decay, and ULTA Beauty are just the beginning. They exemplify our commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering authentic connections, and crafting immersive worlds where every individual can express themselves unapologetically. We’re not just creating games; we are pioneering new avenues of engagement and entertainment, ushering in a vibrant future where the lines between the digital and physical realms blur to offer truly enriching experiences.”

Super League continues to push boundaries with their innovative approach and strategic vision in pioneering metaverse experiences that resonate on a global scale. With the company’s expertise in curating visually stunning and engaging campaigns, Super League stands at the forefront of the digital transformation, steering the industry towards a future where technology amplifies self-expression and connectivity.

Super League (Nasdaq: SLE) is a leading strategically-integrated publisher and creator of games and experiences across the world’s largest immersive digital platforms. From metaverse gaming powerhouses such as Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite, to the most popular Web3 environments such as Sandbox and Decentraland, to bespoke worlds built using the most advanced 3D creation tools, Super League’s innovative solutions provide incomparable access to massive audiences who gather in immersive digital spaces to socialize, play, explore, collaborate, shop, learn and create. As a true end-to-end activation partner for dozens of global brands, Super League offers a complete range of development, distribution, monetization and optimization capabilities designed to engage users through dynamic, energized programs. As an originator of new experiences fueled by a network of top developers, a comprehensive set of proprietary creator tools and a future-forward team of creative professionals, Super League accelerates IP and audience success within the fastest growing sector of the media industry. For more, go to

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