Super League Marks One-Year Milestone of Crafting Bespoke In-Game and Social Content for MARVEL SNAP

In collaboration with Nuverse, the two companies continue to enrich the MARVEL SNAP experience with creative seasonal assets and engaging monthly developer diaries

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Super League (Nasdaq: SLE), a global leader in delivering immersive experiences across the world’s largest metaverse platforms, is thrilled to celebrate one year of a fruitful partnership with Nuverse, the video game development and publishing subsidiary of Bytedance. Together, they have been creating monthly in-game and social media content for the hit mobile title MARVEL SNAP.

Since its launch in November 2022, MARVEL SNAP has garnered both critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following. The game reached a remarkable milestone of over 12 million downloads within its first month alone. Offering players the extraordinary experience of summoning and deploying a roster of over 1,000 cards, MARVEL SNAP features beloved heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. Recognizing the need for dynamic, high-quality content to match its aggressive feature release strategy, Nuverse entrusted Super League to captivate its target audience.

As part of a year-long collaboration, Super League has been instrumental in developing bespoke assets that align with each season's unique style and tone for MARVEL SNAP. This extends to their monthly developer diary videos, which defy standard templates to offer something new and engaging for the community. With a track record of generating over two billion views annually, Super League stands as an unparalleled partner in producing content that resonates with Nuverse's diverse and growing audience.

“With MARVEL SNAP serving as Nuverse's first US-based game launch, and as part of the Marvel brand itself, expectations for this game are sky-high,” said Rishi Moran, Head of Marketing and Brand for Nuverse. “We put all of our resources into nailing the gameplay and we succeeded. With the ravenous fans in the Marvel community, we knew that we also needed the best for our in-game and social content. Super League was an easy choice and has delivered amazing creative every step of the way.”

“Our team loves MARVEL SNAP!” said Matt Edelman, President and Chief Commercial Officer for Super League. “We were already playing the beta version of the game when the opportunity to work with the Nuverse team appeared, so it’s been easy to pour our passion into every piece of content we create. The Marvel brand and fanbase are the world’s best, and we enjoy thriving under the pressure that such high expectations bring.”


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